Ouros, the Black Mage

The Wizard



Ouros never doffs his pointed straw hat, nor his oversized blue robes. He’s practically goblin-like in proportions, all but disappearing into the folds of his own cloak. Not much more than faint, baleful glint of his eyes is visible between his voluminous collar and the frayed brim of his pointed wizard’s hat. Even his fingers are wrapped in bandages, showing only his bony, jaundiced knuckles.

As such, nobody really knows what Ouros really looks like. Thank the gods for small favours.


Strength 8 (STR -1)
Dexterity 12 (DEX +0)
Constitution 15 (CON +1)
Intelligence 18 (INT +3)
Wisdom 13 (WIS +1)
Charisma 9 (CHA +0)

Alignment: Evil (Use magic to cause terror and fear.)
Race: Human? (Choose one cleric spell. You can cast it as if it was a wizard spell.)

Damage: d4
Armour: 0
Maximum Hit Points: 19

Level: 3
XP: ********* 9/10

Starting Moves:

  • Spellbook
  • Prepare Spells
  • Cast A Spell (INT)
  • Spell Defense
  • Ritual

Advanced Moves:

  • Empowered Magic
  • Prodigy (Fireball)


5/6 Load.
Spellbook (1 weight), dungeon rations (3/5 uses, 1 weight), bag of books (5 uses, 2 weight), dagger (hand, 1 weight), 3 healing potions, 3 antitoxins, skepticals, Sir Simon Bar Sinister’s protective amulet, 67 27 coins.

Cantrips- Light, Prestidigitation, Unseen Servant
First Level Spells- Contact Spirits, Invisibility, Magic Missile, Speak With Dead (cleric spell), Charm Person (level 2)
Third Level Spells- Fireball (level 3)



  • Woltan will play an important role in the events to come. I have foreseen it!
  • Baldric is woefully misinformed about the world. I will teach him all that I can.
  • Niles is keeping an important secret from me.
  • Perhaps I can mold Baldric to further my own ends…?
  • I’ll build upon Niles’ ever-growing destructive potential!
  • If Woltan is ever going to play his part in the prophecy, I must manipulate him into trusting me again…
  • I’ll ride Baldric’s coattails to wealth and power!

The mage Ouros has served many masters. Unfortunately, his apprenticeship was punctuated by a series of tragic and cunningly devised accidents, time and again leaving the young Ouros without a mentor. Bravely, however, he soldiered on, becoming largely self-taught as he travelled to libraries across the land, honing his skills and building a veritable treasure-trove of lost lore— as what would seem to be freak accidents, calamitous bad luck, freed demons, hordes of pillaging goblins, and criminal conspiracies who were never provably linked to the deaths of key witnesses… seemed to follow in the young apprentice’s wake. Many great mages, luminaries of the field, were lost in a catastrophic teleportation malfunction in Graft, and none felt the loss more keenly than Ouros.

Only a year ago, Ouros was studying under the gentle magus Eluctino, when a great fire broke out in the flying city of Lufthansa, destroying the North Northeast Wing of the Great Library. In mourning, and not at all as a fugitive, Ouros took to the roads of the Confederation once again.

He ran into Woltan after an unfortunate incident involving the city guard during the riots in Whitter. Acting entirely in self-defense after having fallen victim to what definitely seemed to be police brutality, Ouros was saved when Walton rushed in to protect him from the berserk officer, who promptly tripped down the stairs and into a fireball and died. Very sad.

Ouros was callously slain by the Magisters while attempting to rid Terminum of their tyranny. Seriously.

Ouros, the Black Mage

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