Baldric William Edwin Florian the Fourth

With his joyous eyes, fine yet ostentatious clothing, roundly well fed body and red stylish cap, Baldric wears his naive love of the grand adventure stories on his sleeve


STR 12 (+ 0)
DEX 13 (+ 1)
CON 8 (- 1)
INT 15 (+ 1)
WIS 9 (+ 0)
CHA 18 (+ 3)

Damage: D6 | Armor: 0 | HP: 14/14 | Level: 3 | EXP: 4

Alignment: Neutral (Avoid a conflict or defuse a tense situation)
Race : Human (When you first enter a civilized settlement someone who respects the custom of hospitality to minstrels will take you in as their guest.

Starting Moves
  • Arcane Art
  • Baldric Lore (Legends of Heroes Past)
  • Charming and Open
  • A Port in the Storm
Advanced Moves
  • Multiclass Initiate (Trap Expert)
  • Bamboozle
Early years

Baldric William Edwin Florian, Fourth of his name was born into the ruling family of the Grand Duchy of Siberia-Florian. As the heir apparent he was schooled in the arts of state-craft from an early age which consisted mainly of being sent on hunting trips, visiting lumberjack camps, being beaten by wooden training weapons, and avoiding practice assassination attempts. While not exactly bad or incompetent, he tended to get sick on the cold and wet trips and easily bruised by lumps and bumps. His favourite pastime was listening to the court bard sign songs, reading stories of past heroes confronting evil and outwitting tyrants and squeezing his eccentric merchant uncle, Frank Evan Florian for stories of the seven cities.

Together all this made him think that his outlook was dreary endless forests and hard drudgery when what he wanted most was to seen the wonders of the world and have an adventure. So one day, with only a small packet of food, a pouch of pipeleaf and the lute brought to him by Frank from the best luthier of Verdammtenburg, Baldric slipped out into the world.

He quickly found that being in the woods without a large retinue of attendants was not as easy as it sounded and found himself stumbling lost and hungry until found by Nils.

Party Bonds

* Walton is often the butt of my jokes
* I am writing a ballad about the adventures of Ouros
* This is not my first adventure with Nils

  • Walton is my trusty bodyguard
    * I want to show Nils that civilisation isn’t all bad
  • I’m responsible for Ouros. This might not be a good thing.
  • I need to find out why Ouros is wanted for a bounty.
  • Can heros exist in civilisation? Maybe Nils has some stories…
Favorite stories:

Fabris the small and his dragon slaying axe
The battle of Tharugmugur
How Sistranalle Moonshadow brought light to the night.
Edwyn the Wise
Tales of Nica the Cunning

Baldric William Edwin Florian the Fourth

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