The Seven Cities

Interesting Developments

  • The Magisters are cracking down on the slums in response to complaints about arson. This ranges from a curfew to a full assault of the slums.
  • There seems to be no obvious connection between the inns that have been burned
  • Content Not Found: waltan is now also potentially under suspicion from the Magisters after knocking out an insurance salesman.
  • Baldric has been given a 2 week gig of performance at different inns


Regrouping at the Sleep and Hunger, Ouros reported on the activities of the Sewer Ants and mentioned the use of insurance. Baldric explained how insurance works, to the bafflement of Content Not Found: nils, and suggested that the inns were being burned down by the owners because gangs were forcing out too much protection money. Nils suggested someone was taking an interest in rapid ecological revitalisation. Baldric also mentioned that the Magistrates wanted to talk to Ouros as a suspect in the arson case. Ouros seemed evasive about agreeing to see them.

After wheedling a mage license for Ouros out of Fontaine, the party went to city hall to look up the tax returns and ownership titles of the inns that have burned down.

The city hall is an ancient building of marble and guilt, the heart of the the city’s bureaucracy, Nils and Content Not Found: waltan decided to skulk around the edges looking for back doors while Baldric and Ouros used their respective specialties to grease their way to the off limit stacks.

Nils shapedchanged into a bird to fly up to a window to keep an eye on things from the outside but was spotted mid transformation by a cleric who immediately called out an alarm thinking that he was a demon. While Nils was able to escape the resulting hubbub by completing the transformation and flying away, Waltan was accosted by guards who had been summoned by the alarm and was put in the uncomfortable situation of having to bluff his way past them.

Meanwhile in the records, Ouros found no ownership connection between the inns, and that the inns cover a range of age from inns handed down for several generations to newly established. Baldric found that the tax returns told a similar story for profitability, with some well in the black and others barely staying afloat. Interestingly none of the inns had insurance and only one person in the city was listed as selling insurance, a gentleman by the name of Sir Simon Barsinister.

Before they had a chance to continue investigation a mob started to form outside. Nils came to warn them while Waltan recognized one of its members as the owner of the inn where the party spent their first night in the city. It quickly became clear that this was a group of innkeepers tired of the reign of arson to which they were being subjected and the perceived lack of action taken by the city. Ouros and Baldric made a quick exit past the crowd but Walton stuck around and learned that the city was taking action to satisfy the crowd and that the Magisters, under Lord Halberd were being given new emergency powers, including a sunset curfew until the culprits are caught.

After regrouping, the party went to the establishment of Sir Simon Barsinister, finding it on the fourth floor of a complex, but not finding him. Asking around, a neighboring dentist suggested they try the local bar “The Flimsy Oar” where he frequently spends his time.

Deciding to dig up some dirt before meeting him, Baldric and Ouros broke into his office, and Baldric started to go through his papers. Bored, Ouros decided to take Waltan down to the bar to interrogate Sir Simon Barsinister face to face. Baldric became increasingly confused as it became evident that Sir SB had sold no insurance to any building, only selling it for valuable goods such as jewelry.

At the Flimsy Oar the barman pointed out Sir Simon Barsinistre, Ouros got Waltan to stand to one side while questioning the insurance salesman. Sidling up to Sir Simon Barsinister, Ouros tried to charm him, but unfortunately was immediately rebuffed by an anticharm amulet, which understandably upset Sir SB. He called for the watch to arrest Ouros at which point Waltan knocked him out at Ouros’s insistence and the two ran away, dragging an unconscious Sir SB to the office complex.

Magisters arrived, quickly sealing off the area and sweeping the building looking for Ouros and Waltan. Scrambling for a place to hide Baldric went down to an audition room for musician licensing while Ouros and Waltan begged bullied and charmed the dentist into hiding the body of Sir SB and giving them a place to hide.

Despite one magister thinking they had seen Baldric somewhere, they passed him by after demanding a performance to prove he was legitimately taking an audition. The agent was so impressed by Baldric’s importune performance that he was given a contract with the group where he would perform at many establishments around the city.

The Magisters moved on to the dentist office where Sir SB was laid out on the dentist’s table and Ouros and Waltan were hiding in the back. The Dentist was worth every coin of the bribe as he tried to bluff the guards into believing that Sir SB was a patient who was under anesthetic. Then possibly the worst happened as Sir SB woke up confused and babbling. Fortunately Ouros was able to play the doting relative and keep Sir SB confused and the Magisters buying the lie.

Eventually the Magisteres set up a cordon on the block, hoping to wait out Sir SB’s assailants. Baldric left after signing the contracts to get home before the curfew.

Walton and Ouros came out of hiding in the dentist office and waited for the Magisters to leave. Unfortunately Sir SB started to wake up and as Waltan tried to silence him but was unable to do so before Sir SB screamed for help. Realising that the Magisters were on the way, Waltan jumped out a window to an adjacent building while Ouros hid with invisibility, killing Sir SB and hiding his body in the sewers after the Magisters left. The two snuck back to the Sleep and Hunger.

The session ended with the party waking up next day to see a line of Magisters preparing to assault the slums and raid the sewers…



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