The City of the Damned.

Verdammntenburg is a very old city, built on what had been a low plain and has since turned into a vast swamp; the outskirts of the city have sunken under the mire. The city has a conservatory, the Verdammtenburg Royal Academy of Music, an observatory, the Planetarium, and a cathedral, Saint Australopithecine’s Basilica. The ruler of the city is known as the Despot.

Twenty years ago, an inverted mountain fell from the sky, a black church carved into into its surface. summoning devils and raising the dead. Like most of the Old City, the Falling Mountain is slowly sinking into the swamp.

Verdammtenburg was previously a place of bourgeois excess, crushing oppression below the poverty line, and near-constant revolution. Nowadays, it is still a city of bourgeois excess, prospering through the use of an extensive workforce composed of the risen dead. It is also the centre of an intellectual and artistic renaissance, a destination for scholars, sculptors, and painters seeking patronage.

The leader of the last rebellion was the Gargoyle, a mysterious figure known primarily through his written manifesto, rumoured to be in league with demons and devils. It is said that the Gargoyle was somehow responsible for the Falling Mountain, and all that came with it.


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