Introduction to Terminum

Sprawling over the river Auratey, the largest river in the Seven Cities, the city of Terminum is the last city a trade caravan would visit before leaving the seven cities and venturing out onto the Inland Sea.

Factions of Terminum

Ultimately a mageocracy, Terminum is run by many factions that are frequently given responsibilities by the city`s most powerful wizards. These include the merchant`s Guild of Gold, the Magisters and even occasionally members of the city`s shady under belly.

Sectors of Terminum include:

The Slums lie West of the river and on the water. Consisting of warehouses to store goods for trade, people to move them and others who are down on their luck or looking to stay out of sight of the upper crust and their less tolerant enforcement.

The Sewers run under both sides of the city ultimately discharging into the river or sea. Many decades of construction, demolition and reconstruction have resulted in the sewers becoming a subterranean labyrinth that is frequently put to use moving and hiding illegal goods and people .

The Trade Quarter is on the East side of the river, and is a place where merchants come to haggle over all manner of goods entering and leaving the Seven Cities region. Because of this over abundance of wealth many service shops have sprung up as well catering to merchants looking for ways to show off to each other .

The Acropolis is set back from the coast and is the site of civic governance. It is here that the various factions have their headquarters and where most legally licensed wizards reside. Towering over the Acropolis is the narrow Wizard’s Needle, an impossibly thin spire that is topped by a meditation chamber through which the wizards of Terminum keep constant communication with the other wizards of the Seven Cities.


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