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Seven Cities Confederation – The greatest nation in the land, a coalition of seven major cities, including Terminum and Lufthansa.

The Seven Cities
  • Terminum – A port city and major trading hub, a member of the Seven Cities Confederation. It is run by the Mages Union.
  • Lufthansa – The flying city, famed for its college of magic.
  • Verdammtenburg – The site of the prestigious Royal Music Academy.

Grand Duchy of Siberia-Florian – A rural, backwards forestry town. Despite the name, it is neither grand nor much of a duchy.

Kingdom of the Lowlands – To the North and across the Inland Sea. A seafaring kingdom comprised mostly of Halflings.

Whispering Plains – A great savannah to the south, the locals of this land practice different magic than the Seven Cities, preferring to rely on spirits and nature.

Watersong – A country to the distant east, populated by nomads. Although they have a strong warrior culture, they are technologically backwards compared to the Seven Cities.

People and Organizations

Mages Union – One of the major corporations of the Seven Cities. They are a merchantile company, governing all of the trade within Terminum and many of the trade in magical goods and services in other cities.

Fontaine – Rumored leader of the slums district, runs the criminal underbelly of Terminum.

Lord Halberd – Commander of the Magisters, the magical police of the city.

Main Page

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