Frank Evan Florian

Merchant from the Grand Duchy of Serbia-Florian and Uncle of Baldric


Frank is a large barrel shaped man with a thick bristly black beard. He is famed equally for is booming laugh and bellowing rages.

As part of the Florian Family, has preferential access to the mineral and timber wealth of the Grand Duchy of Serbia-Florian. He sells them to whoever will buy, bringing back stories, information and the magical luxuries of the wider world. He has managed to accumulate a wealth that easily rivals that of the crown, and with Content Not Found: baldric-williem-edin-florian-the-fourth missing, many think he is next in line to the throne.

That said his travels to far flung realms seem to make more money than mere raw goods should and the more cynical or worldly might wonder where he makes his profit on such trips.

Frank Evan Florian

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