The Seven Cities

Session 5

Fire and Blood: The Purge of the Slums

Interesting Developments

Baldric went to the constables to tell them that Ouros wasn’t cooperating, quickly becoming bogged down in paperwork, and eventually resorting to filling out a missing persons form.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was getting ready for the day at the inn. Perched on the rooftop, Content Not Found: neils heard screaming, but didn’t think that was any different from the usual city sounds. Ouros set up a network of urchins to keep him informed of what is happening.

Fontaine mentioned that raids aren’t unusual, every couple of years an action is taken to pacify the demands of the wealthier members. As long as everyone hunkers down, they might get arrested but generally everyone would be let free unless their name was on a grab list.

The urchins started to bring news of the coming Magister raid on the slums, saying that they were taking their time in a strange sort of way and that there were no paddy wagons coming with the Magisters. Worried that this signaled a very different situation, Nils took to the air to find a nice perch to watch the antics of Homo Urbanus, Ouros moved to find a good ambush point to immolate Magisters and Content Not Found: waltan said he would go to the sewers to stay low. Unknown to him, Caeding Lowmarch, a Halfling who just arrived from the Kingdom of the Lowlands followed him, hoping to find a place to hide as well.

As the Magisters encircled the slums and moved in Ouros opened up with fireballs, killing several groups of Magisters in one shot. Waltan decided that he needed to organise the residents into moving to the sewers and buy time for them by distracting the Magisters onto a merry chase. Thinking that that sounded fun, Caeding joined in.

Meanwhile Baldric was just finishing up his stack of papers when an important looking magister came in reporting heavy resistance in the slums, prompting an ominous order to use “That…”

Flying above the spread out battle, Neils saw a large iron golum, looking roughly like an elephant trudging towards the slums, destroying everything in its path. He also saw Ourous, continuing to happily through fireballs around, unaware that the building he was standing on was slowly catching fire.

Suddenly realising his position, Ouros made a quick assessment of his position and decided he had to jump for safety, hoping that his voluminous robes would provide enough of a parachute to ease his fall. Fortunately for him as he fell Waltan ran into the alley and caught him. Hot on his tail came Caedin, and shortly behind her, the Magisters they attracted. Ouros quickly fireballed them as well.

More Magisters appeared quickly arrived, resulting in a combat as Ouros was unable to kill them all from the first strike. Lighting and ice shards came from the Magisters while the Heroes responded with fire, tooth and claw, daggers and fists. While a few Magisters fell quickly, they also quickly focused on the party’s weaknesses, splitting Waltan from Ouros and engaging the mage in close combat.

Looking for a chance to personally vent some rage on particularly annoying Magister, Ouros closed with a dagger to stab him. Unfortunately that proved to be a fatal mistake as the Magister returned the stab, dealing a deadly blow to the mage. The group then split and ran with conflicted emotions as the giant mec elephant was getting near.

Waltan ran to Fontain’s headquarters to try to convince him that with some help they could contain the damage, but Fontain was more interested in getting out with his remaining resources to live another day, telling Waltan to look for a warehouse full of assorted weapons if he wants to fight.

Setting up a trap in the warehouse with the help of Neils, Waltan waited for the mech to reach that part of the slums. Eventually it arrived and he sprang his trap, turning the Magisters most prized war machine into scrap metal. He then ran into the sewers to support the refugees created in the conflagration.



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