The Seven Cities

Session 3

Burning Down the House

Having discovered that the Sewer Ants are burning down inns the party returned to the Sleep and Hunger to ask Fontaine if he was ok with a bit of casual arson. The in being closed in the morning, the party decided to case the inn.

The Living End is a very well established inn/hotel in the trades quarter of Terminum that caters to wealthy merchants coming from oversees or other cities to buy fine crafts suitable for enchantment as well as those already enchanted.

Baldric suggested that The Living End would not appreciate a group of scruffy customers with no cash, so Content Not Found: nils scouted the stables as a mouse while Ouros memorised Invisibility. Nils found nothing out of the ordinary among the well cared for animals and Baldric was getting impatient so he was cleaned up with a prestidigitation and walked up to the bouncer to propose some performance to liven up the establishment. The bouncer was very unimpressed, doing his job and suggesting that tradesmen should use the tradesman’s entrance.

Slightly chagrined, Baldric took a walk round to the back where he looked for someone to convince of his abilities. The Maitre D’ seemed sympathetic with Baldric’s stated desire to perform, but commented that Baldric’s lack of credentials made him unwilling to take a risk with the establishment’s reputation on the line. In fact this evening the Lady Margret, graduate of the Royal Music Academy of Verdammtenburg would be performing.

Baldric was able to obtain permission to perform in the kitchen, but other than learning the Inn is owned by the grandson of its establisher and continuing to be profitable, very little was learned. Meanwhile Ouros passed time by bundling dead beggars into barrels.

Returning to the Sleep and Hunger Fontain was surprised to learn of the party’s discoveries, confused by the focus on burning down wealthy inns instead of making a powerplay in the slums and demanded that the party find out why.

Returning once more to the in for a second look Ouros cast invisibility on himself to find a combustible area while Nils waited for the signal to join the arson party, Baldric returned to the kitchen, and Content Not Found: walton hung out. Baldric discovered that the cook was embezzling prime cuts of meat while Ouros set fire first to the dinging room and then the cellar, despite Baldric’s effort to prevent him from doing so.

Ouros escaped in the chaos and, with Nils, started to throw bricks at the windows while Baldric tried to help put out the fire. Quickly the Magistrates showed up but, with Nils keeping and eye out from the air, it was easy for him and Ouros to escape. Walton also hurried off at the first sign of trouble, leaving Baldric to try to smooth things over with the rather suspicious Magistrates. Being such a charming person, he was able to talk his way out of a night in jail and further questioning, but Ouros was mentioned as a suspect and Baldric was reminded of his responsibility for Ouros with a request for his presence the next day.

Baldric returned to the Sleep and Hunger to convey this to the rest of the party and profess his feeling that they could uncover the reason for the series of arsons without having to join the Sewer Ants or burning down property. The rest of the party decided to return to the sewers to gain insider information while Baldric examined the position of the inns already burned.

Moving through the streets, Ouros was accosted by a pair of bounty hunters, looking to kill him and threatening Nils and Walton to stay out of the fight. They declined this offer and together killed both. When asked about the bounty, Ouros claimed that an uncertainty in a Dwarven land regarding who had been responsible for something had lead to a large misunderstanding that was blown largely out of proportion. Walton felt that Ouros was more suspicious and brought the bounty paper to Baldric for reading wile Ouros and Nils continued to the Sewers. The bounty had a sketch of Ouros and the words “Wanted dead or alive for suspicion murder. 100 coin. Last seen moving from Lufthansa to Terminum.” It lacked any official seal from an authority.

In the Sewers Ouros and Nils discovered the poorly run Sewer Ants were short of cash and running with scrubs, though making up for quality with quantity in the form of 15-20 people present and many beads empty. Ouros sneaked into the office and discovered a halfman named Small John writing a letter to someone demanding money from a mysterious source called “in-sewer-ants.” He left the office having stolen some coin and distributing part of it to random bunks to find Nils in an argument about the worthlessness of cash with a very confused Sewer Ant.

Finally they returned to the Sleep and Hunger to report.



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