The Seven Cities

Session 2

Talking with Gangsters

The party went to the Sleep and Hunger Inn, a bar known to be a place to contact Fontaine for shadow magic licensees, as well as having a bounty board of tasks to be done that are less than 100% legal. The barman claimed that he had never heard of Fontain, so the party perused the bounty board.

  • A Goblin named Grub had a debt with someone.
  • Someone was asking for a gem to be “retrieved” from a noble.
  • A new gang called the Sewer Ants was looking for new recruits.

After some discussion the party went to find Grub. He lives in a shack on a street of merchants from which he sells knickknacks. When Baldric William Edwin Florian the Fourth asked about his debt he claimed that merchants in the area were demanding guild money from him despite their own lack of guild membership. Ouros played bad debt collector to Baldric’s inept, talking Baldric up as a terrifying maniac at which point Grub said he’d talk as long as Baldric left.

Baldric went to get corroboration of the Goblin’s story from other shopkeepers with Content Not Found: nils while Ouros talked with Grub, eventually getting some money in exchange for a promise to never come back.

Meanwhile Baldric got distracted by a clothes store, trying to convince Nils of the wonders of fashion while inwardly wishing for more money. Eventually he returned to the goblin’s hut, only to find Ouros and Content Not Found: walton gone and Grub very willing to throw all manner of sharp objects at him.

Back at the Sleep and Hunger, Ouros told the barkeep that he had got Grub to pay up. The barkeep was slightly surprised, he expected the goblin to be maimed, but he took Ouros’ action as proof of a criminal mind anyways and suggested that Ouros move into a back room to talk about what he wants from Fontain. Shortly after the barkeep himself walked in and asked Ouros to infiltrate the Sewer Ants to determine why they were recruiting so heavily.

Returning to the Sleep and Hunger Baldric auto-hypnoses himself into unconscious in an attempt to heal his many injuries and was unceremoniously thrown onto Walton’s back as the group descended into the sewers to search for the Sewer Ants.

In the sewer Nils scouted as a crocodile, finding another crocodile stalking the group. Fortunately Waltan was able to defend the group, grappling with the crocodile until Ouros blasted it. Unfortunately, the crocodile was infected with parasitic worms which infected Nils and Walton.

Eventually by following signs scrawled on the walls of the sewers, the party found a view hatch in a wooden wall and, upon knocking found an eyepatched man inside who seemed to have some authority in the Sewer Ants. He asked them to burn down a building to prove their zeal to the Sewer Ants.



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