Previously on The Seven Cities

Ouros, the black wizard, brought his party to the port city of Terminum under false pretenses. Unaware of Ouros’ past crimes or of his intentions, Baldric, Woltan, and Niles travel with him.

The party awoke in the middle of the night to discover that the inn they were staying at has caught fire! Thanks to some quick thinking and action, they managed to escape the burning building, rescuing the other occupants as they did so. However, Ouros’ was witnessed to be casting spells at the building as it was on fire, and thus ended up as the top suspect for the arson.

Baldric managed talked the guards out of arresting Ouros, taking personal responsibility for Ouros’ actions. A choice that he surely will not regret in the near future.

With the matter of the burning inn unsolved for the moment, the party left to find employment in order to earn some coin, having used up the last of their purse at their now destroyed lodging. They find their way to the Sleep and Hunger Inn, a tavern at the shadier side of town, reputed for being a smuggler’s hangout.

The Seven Cities

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